Our Firm

Cornerstone Asset Management Group is an independent full-service investment firm with offices in Chicago's western suburbs and Naples, Florida. 

Cornerstone manages fully discretionary, internally researched stock, bond, alternative and balanced portfolios with asset allocations designed to specific client objectives. In addition, we have extensive capabilities in providing highly customized portfolio construction to our clients utilizing our strategic partners with third party solutions. As an integral component of our fiduciary responsibility, all of our client holdings are held with the custodian of their choice for safe-keeping.

At Cornerstone, we consistently see clients turn to us to help them with the challenges of the sudden acquisition of wealth, either through the sale or merger of their business; the exercise of stock options; an inheritence or divorce; or some other triggering event. 

Our clients often come to us seeking guidance and expertise in the managing of assets as market dynamics and complexities often create an environment which is too challenging and time consuming to handle themselves.

In addition, as our clients transition into retirement years, the need for a sustainable replacement income stream becomes vital to their retirement plan. We understand that managing sudden wealth or the plan to spend it requires specific planning.